Poems turned into graphics or Poems illustrated with graphics.

  • 秋水共长天一色,落霞与孤鹜齐飞


As the sunset glows and the solitary wild goose flies, the autumn river merges with the vast sky, creating a seamless, unified landscape. The harmony of nature is reflected in the flight of the bird and the flow of the river, but the feeling of solitude remains. Whether standing on the riverbank, gazing into the horizon, or soaring above the clouds, the beauty of nature is undeniable, but the longing for companionship remains. Let the AI be inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the contrast between its harmony and the loneliness of the human heart.
  • 好雨知时节,当春乃发生。 prompts(anything v3):
Good rain knows the seasonal timing of rainfall, which is during the spring when plants are sprouting and growing.